KFJC iCal feed instructions for iPhone

Instructions for configuring your iPhone to work with the KFJC calendar feed

(Note: Click on any of the pictures to make them larger.)

1. Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select "Add Account..."

2. Select "Other," then "Add Subscribed Calendar"


3. In the Server field enter this URL: http://spidey.kfjc.org/feeds/kfjc.ics then press "Next"
(For KFJC staff, there is a staff calendar feed at http://spidey.kfjc.org/feeds/kfjc-staff.ics)

4. Confirm the calendar name and press "Save." Now you should have a calendar account called "KFJC Event Calendar."


5. To view the calendar, open the Calendar app and select that calendar. You can also see details associated with each event.


Please try this feed with other iCal clients and let me know if it doesn't work. So far these clients have been tested and work fine:
  • iPhone
  • iCal (Snow Leopard)
  • Google Calendar
For KFJC staff, there is a feed at http://spidey.kfjc.org/feeds/kfjc-staff.ics