KFJC iPhone/iPod Touch app

Thank you for your interest in the KFJC iPhone/iPod Touch app. It was developed by me (air name: Hunter Gatherer) in my spare time.

The app should be so simple that nothing can possibly go wrong with it, but just in case I am setting up this page to list issues or update people as they are found.

The current version is 2.2, which only runs on iOS 5.0 or greater.

Using the app

By default the app will start playing the 32k mono stream.

If you want to change to the 128k stereo stream, click on the info button in the lower right hand corner and select "Hi fi."

To add the calendar of KFJC events to your iPhone/iPod Touch, select the "Add KFJC events to your calendar" button in the info screen. That way you will always know about upcoming specials and concerts that KFJC co-presents. (This page describes how to do it manually.)

To send feedback, open the info window and click on the "hunter@kfjc.org" link. This will start an email that will go directly to me.

Known issues (version 2.2)

  • The KFJC websites don't have mobile versions so they don't look great on mobile Safari.
  • During the KFJC fundraiser, both streams have a pre-roll. Each time you switch streams, the pre-roll will play.
  • Some issues running in low memory environments that I haven't been able to chase down. Please enable sending crash reports so that I can get more info about this. For now the workaround is to close some apps or in extreme cases restart the phone.
  • Doesn't support iOS versions earlier than 5.0. (Let me know if this is a hardship and I'll look into compiling it to support this version. I'm a little bummed that it doesn't support my iPod 2nd generation.)

New features in version 2.2

  • Music plays in the background now!
  • Volume slider
  • AirPlay support (will play remotely over AirPort, AppleTV, and other AirPlay-compatible devices)
  • App can be controlled by the multi-tasking stream, start/stop button on headphones, and other devices that can send remote controls
  • Artist and song name appears in lock screen
  • Artist and song name appears in remote devices (like AppleTV or the iPhone thingie in my wife's van)
  • Link to subscribe iPhone/iPod to KFJC events calendar directly from the app
  • Web links open in Safari now, while music continues to play in background
  • More screen real estate for title/artist information, and they are on separate lines if it is clear what the artist and title are
  • KFJC triangle logo is now shown as the "album artwork"


(Click to enlarge them.)



Screenshot 1: Shows the KFJC app icon
Screenshot 2: Shows the main application window
Screenshot 3: Shows the about/info page
Screenshot 4: Shows the lock screen with the KFJC logo and title/artist information

Apple TV

This shows an example of the KFJC app working with AirPlay to connect to an AppleTV.

Screenshot 1: The "Now playing" when using AirPlay to play the iPhone app on AppleTV
Screenshot 2: The main AppleTV screen with Music selected.

External iPhone player

This shows an example of the KFJC app being connected to an aftermarket iPhone connector on my Honda Odyssey

Screenshot 1: The Audio screen
Screenshot 2: The radio screen. It's also possible to show the artist or "album title" (KFJC 89.7 FM) instead of the song title

Some features currently being considered

  • Include the DJ and show name
  • Browse reviews and the playlist directly from the app
  • Browse show archives directly from the app

Previous versions

KFJC app 1.0 (September 2010)

This was the first app, written for iOS 3. It got pretty good reviews, but the main complaint was that it couldn't play music in the background.
The main screen (left), and the info screen(right).